File Types

Extension Tableau File Type Purpose
.TWB Tableau workbook This file type stores visualization without source data
.TWBX Tableau package workbook Sort of extracted data and visualizations for viewing in Tableau, Tableau online or Tableau reader. This file type keeps the data with the Tableau file. So if you want to share the data, and visualization, you can do that with a .TWBX file
.TDS Tableau data source Stores the server address, password, and other information required to access a data source
.TBM Tableau bookmark And that stores a connection to a worksheet in another Tableau workbook
.TDE Tableau data extract Stores Tableau data as a filtered and aggregated extract. So if you have a large data set, and you want to filter down to a subset of that data, and perform some aggregate calculations, you would save it as a .tde


Tableau Workbook

Data Source page

Set up the data source and prepare your data for analysis

Tableau Data Source page


Tableau worksheet

Tableau worksheet


A dashboard is a collection of views from multiple worksheets

Tableau Dashboard


A story contains a sequence of worksheets or dashboards that work together to convey information

Tableau story