Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2020/11/05

Everything you need to know when changing job in japan

List of documents to collect from previous company

Documents that might not take time to get

  1. 雇用保険被保険者証 (Proof of unemployment / unemployment insurance card)
  2. 給与所得者異動届出書 (Salary income earner transfer notification form)
  3. 在職証明書 (Experience letter / Certificate of Employment)

Documents that might take some time to get

  1. 給与所得の源泉徴収票 (Income withholding tax certificate)
  2. 医療費と保険給付金のお知らせ (Notice of medical expenses and insurance benefits)
  3. 給与支払明細書 (Pay slip)
  4. 離職票 (Turnover slip)
  5. 健康保険資格喪失連絡票 (Health insurance disqualification contact form)
  6. 退職金通知書 (Severance pay notice)

List of documents to submit to new company

  1. 年金手帳のコピー (Copy of Pension Book)
  2. 雇用保険被保険者証 (Unemployment insurance certificate) → from previous company
  3. 住民票 (Residence Certificate) → collect it from city office or if you have my number card, you can print it from any comvinient store printer
  4. 本年度の源泉徴収票 (Withholding tax statement) → from previous company (needed for Year-end adjustment)
  5. 給与支払報告 ・ 特別徴収にかかる給与所得 (Change notification of inhabitant tax) → ‘給与所得者異動届出書’ from previous company
  6. パスポートサイズの写真 (Passport size Photo) → 4.5cm×3.5cm
  7. 在留カードのコピー (Copy of Residence card) → both sides
  8. パスポートのコピー (Copy of Passport)

Documents related to spouse / dependent:

Documents related to child (need to submit if you have kids):

Income withholding tax certificate

給与所得の源泉徴収票 Form

Income withholding tax certificatee - National tax agency (Japan)

給与所得の源泉徴収票 Sample

Sample income withholding tax certificate

Job change notification to immigration office

Post mail Address

Notification Reception
Resident Management Information Department
Tokyo Immigration Bureau
5-5-30 Konan Minatoku, Tokyo, 108-8255

Online e-notification sample:

Online e-notification sample form for Job change notification to immigration office

After joining

After submitting all papers and finishing joining process, new comapny will provide:

Retirement withholding tax certificate

退職所得の源泉徴収票 Sample

Sample retirement withholding tax certificate