What is Dataset in Power BI

  • A dataset is a collection of data that designers import (or connect to) and then use to build visualizations, reports and dashboards
  • Power BI datasets represent a source of data ready for reporting and visualization
  • In Power BI the data you explore comes from a dataset. A dataset is like the engine in a car. The dataset provides the data, metrics, and information that’s displayed in your Power BI dashboard
  • When you create visualizations in reports and dashboards, you’re often looking at data in the dataset
  • The work you do in Power BI doesn’t change the underlying dataset
  • Each dataset represents a single source of data
  • ONE dataset:
    • Can be used over and over in one or in many workspaces
    • Can be used in many different reports
    • Visualizations from that one dataset can display on many different dashboards
  • Use a dataset to create a report from scratch or by running quick insights
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