What is data modeling

  • A features used to connect multiple data sources in BI tool using a relationship (A relationship defines how data sources are connected with each other and you can create interesting data visualizations on multiple data sources)
  • Get the data in multiple tables and connect these tables together and creating a relationship between them is called “Data Modeling”

By creating a relationship between tables we insist the Power BI know how these tables are connected to each other and create reports from different fields of different tables using Power BI Data Modeling. This is one of the key strength of Power BI because it not necessarily demands all the data to be in a single table rather you can have data in different tables and define a relationship between those tables with common column.

Data Modeling in Power BI

Adding column

Power BI Adding column Step 1

Power BI Adding column Step 2

Power BI Adding column Step 3

Power BI Adding column Step 4