What is Dashboard in Power BI

  • A dashboard represents a customized view of some subset of the underlying dataset(s)
  • A dashboard is a single canvas that has tiles, graphics, and text.
  • Designers build dashboards and share them with consumers; either individually or as part of an app
  • Consumers can’t edit dashboards. You can however add comments, view related data, set it as favorite, subscribe, and more
  • ONE dashboard:
    • can display visualizations from many different datasets
    • can display visualizations from many different reports
    • can display visualizations pinned from other tools (for example, Excel)
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Purposes of dashboards

  • to see, in one glance, all the info needed to make decisions
  • to monitor the most-important info about your business
  • to ensure all colleagues are on the same page; viewing and using the same info
  • to monitor the health of a business or product or business unit or marketing campaign, and so on
  • to create a personalized view of a larger dashboard – all the metrics that matter to you

Dashboard in Power BI Online

Dashboard is only available in Power BI Online (Power BI Services)

Power BI Dashboard