What is a Power BI app?

  • An app is a Power BI content type that combines related dashboards and reports, all in one place
  • A bundle of dashboards, reports, and datasets. It also refers to the mobile apps for consuming content, such as Power BI app for iOS
  • An app can have one or more dashboards and one or more reports, all bundled together
  • Apps are created by Power BI designers who distribute and share the apps with consumers

Advantages of apps

  • Apps are an easy way to share different types of content at one time
  • Because related dashboards and reports are bundled together, it’s easier for you to find and install in both the Power BI service and on your mobile device
  • After you install an app, you don’t have to remember the names of a lot of different dashboards or reports because they’re all together in one app
  • With apps, whenever the app author releases updates, you automatically see the changes