Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2021/04/15

Using Existing VNet

Network Prerequisites

Service Address Range

Exposing cluster

IP Address Range Calculation

Design IP Address Spaces

VNet Address Space (feel free to design according to your need)

Subnet for AKS Cluster (AKSClusterSubnet)

Service Address CIDR

Docket bridge IP range (use default)

While creating AKS in Azure portal, you can use the defaults (automatically filled up) for followings

Example (ARM template from here):

"networkProfile": {
  "loadBalancerSku": "standard",
  "outboundType": "loadBalancer",
  "networkPlugin": "azure",
  "networkPolicy": "calico",
  "serviceCidr": "",
  "dnsServiceIp": "",
  "dockerBridgeCidr": ""

Network Policy

Kubernetes authentication and authorization