Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2021/05/05

What Is Ingress In Kubernetes?

Compnents Of Ingress

How Does Ingress Work?

internet -> loadbalancer -> ingress controller -> ingress rules -> k8s-services -> Replicas

Capabilities of Ingress

Ingress vs LoadBalancer

Load balancer distributes the requests among multiple backend services (of same type) whereas ingress is more like an API gateway (reverse proxy) which routes the request to a specific backend service based on, for instance, the URL.

Ingress Saves Money

Lets say you have 10 websites hosted in your cluster and you want to expose them all to external traffic:

Use Cases

Ingress Controller

Ingress in AKS

Application Gateway Ingress Controller

See: AGIC (Application Gateway Ingress Controller)