Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2021/08/30

High Availability for Control Plane

About Uptime SLA

Uptime SLA (paid tier) is the financially-backed service level agreement (SLA) that guarantees an uptime of 99.95% for the Kubernetes API server (control plane) for clusters that use Azure Availability Zone. So, to get high availability for control plane:

Uptime SLA should be used for production workloads to ensure high availability of control plane components

High Availability for Node Pool

AKS Cluster with Uptime SLA

Create new AKS cluster with uptime SLA

az aks create --resource-group fooResourceGroup --name fooAKSCluster --uptime-sla --node-count 1

Enable uptime SLA for existing cluster

az aks update --resource-group fooResourceGroup --name fooAKSCluster --uptime-sla

AKS Cluster with Availability Zones

Create AKS cluster with 3 Availability Zones in Azure Portal:


Using Azure CLI

az aks create \
    --resource-group fooResourceGroup \
    --name fooAKSCluster \
    --generate-ssh-keys \
    --vm-set-type FooVirtualMachineScaleSets \
    --load-balancer-sku standard \
    --node-count 3 \
    --zones 1 2 3

Adding Node Pool with Availability Zones

Using Azure Portal