Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2021/04/13

AKS as PaaS

Deployment model of AKS

Service Object

Service object provides a set of capabilities that match the microservices requirements for service discoverability:

Azure Container Registry

Load Balancer

As PaaS service, AKS provides load balancer

Ingress Controller

Cluster Autoscaler

Managed Identities

Node Pool

a node pool is a grouping of nodes in the cluster with the same configurations

During provisioning in Azure portal, we can add additional node pool

[Courtesy of following:] When you create a new AKS cluster using the portal or Azure cli then the node pool that is automatically created is the system node pool. You don’t even have to specify it in the commands. It just happens. When you add additional node pools using the az aks nodepool add command the newly created node pool will be a user node pool.

By default K8s nodes are linux VMs

Bridge to Kubernetes

How bridge works?



Deployment Center

On left pane (under setting section) there will be “Deployment Center” option. You can setup Azure DevOps pipelines (CI/CD) and integrate Azure Container Repository from Deployment Center.

HTTP application routing

HTTP application routing add-on makes it easy to access AKS cluster deployed applications publicly

Node Resource Group

Helm and Helm Chart