Author : HASSAN MD TAREQ | Updated : 2020/10/02

What is software as a service?

  • Commonly referred to as simply “SaaS”
  • SaaS is a type of cloud computing where vendor provides applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet
  • SaaS allows users to connect to and use cloud-based apps over the Internet (email, calendar, Microsoft Office 365 etc.).
  • SaaS provides a complete software solution for your organization, and your users connect to it over the Internet (usually with a web browser)
  • In SaaS, the underlying infrastructure, middleware, app software, and app data are located in the vendor/service provider’s data center

Azure SaaS

Azure SaaS

SaaS in Azure:

  • SharePoint
  • OneDrive for Business
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Power Platform (i.e. Power Apps, Power Automate)

Usage scenarios

  • Sophisticated business applications - customer relationship management (CRM), enterprise resource planning (ERP), and document management
  • Mobilize your wrokforce easily - Microsoft Teams, Outlook etc.
  • Access app data from anywhere

Benefits of SaaS

  • No hardware to buy or install
  • No software to buy or install
  • No software to maintain or upgrade
  • You only pay for what you use
  • New features are included
  • Most everyone can afford and use applications that used to be only for large corporations