Author : HASSAN MD TAREQ | Updated : 2020/10/02

What is platform as a service?

  • Commonly referred to as “PaaS”
  • PaaS is a type of cloud computing that provides:
    • hardware and software tools to users over the internet (these tools are needed for application development)
    • a complete development and deployment environment in the cloud
  • Move to a PaaS compelling considering cost over using on-premise infrastructures
  • PaaS are geared toward software development (for developers and programmers)
  • PaaS architectures keep their underlying infrastructure hidden from developers and other users
  • PaaS is for developers (i.e. Azure App Services)

Azure PaaS

Azure PaaS

PaaS in Azure:

  • Azure Logic Apps
  • Azure WebJobs
  • Azure Functions
  • Azure Automation

Usage scenarios

  • Development framework
  • Analytics or business intelligence