Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2020/10/05

Azure Compute

Compute services:

Azure App Service

Azure app service

Azure Functions

Azure Logic Apps

Messaging Services


Application Gateway

Azure Application Gateway

Application Gateway Features:

Azure VPN Gateway

Azure VPN gateway for hybrid cloud

Azure VPN gateway for hybrid cloud

Windows Virtual Desktop

Supported clients:

Supported operating systems:

Azure CDN

Dynamic Site Acceleration (DSA)

Azure CDN Overview

Azure CDN Overview Step 1

Azure CDN Overview Step 2

Azure CDN Overview Step 3

Azure CDN Overview Step 4

Data Storage Services

Storage solutions according to category of data

Other data storage options

Self hosted databases in VMs

Raw data storage for big data analysis

Azure SQL Database

Azure SQL Managed Instance

Azure CosmosDB

Cosmos DB use cases

Cosmos DB APIs

Storage Services

Azure Storage Account

Programatic access to Azure Storage Account

Azure Files

Azure Files Overview Step 1

Azure Files Overview Step 2

Azure Files Overview Step 3

Azure Blob Storage

Blob types:

Blob access tier:

Azure Database Migrasion Service

Online Data Transfer Options:

Azure Data Box:

Azure Data Box

Import / Export Service:

Data analysis


Additional Azure Services