Author : HASSAN MD TAREQ | Updated : 2020/10/15

Regulatory compliance

  • Process of ensuring that you follow the standards or laws laid out by governing bodies
  • People and process monitor systems to detect and prevent violations
  • Compliance monitoring can be complex
  • Azure provides several tools to help us asses our compliance posture

Azure Compliance

  • Global compliance: more than 90 compliance offerings
  • Industry compliance: over 35 industry specific offerings
  • Bluprints: deploy compliant environment
  • Proof: Access third party reports
  • Azure Security Center: unify security management

Service trust portal and trust center

Azure Regions

  • Azure operates in multiple datacenters around the world
  • These datacenters are groups into regions such as West US and UK South
  • You deploy your resources to a region that matches your requirements
  • Azure special regions exist for compliance or legal reasons.

Azure special regions

  • USA Gov.
  • Germany
  • China