What is SharePoint?

More about SharePoint

SharePoint is a Web Content Platform, but not precisely the WordPress or Squarespace you probably associate with this term. You could use SharePoint to create pages and publish them as a website, but you could also create a site for a department team, then drop Web Parts into it that might include a blog with announcements, a list of team members from Exchange, a library of documents, and a grid of data-driven by an Excel workbook

SharePoint is a platform that organizations use to build solutions to solve a wide variety of business challenges. SharePoint enhances our user experience and allows us to collaborate and do more together, using the applications we’ve always used, than we could possibly do alone.

SharePoint Framework

SharePoint Framework (SPFx) is a client-side development model that allows us to create modern SharePoint experiences using modern web parts and UI extensions.

Details: /sharepoint/SharePoint Framework