Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2021/09/29

Learning 101

Knowing how to learn quickly and specially how to learn effectively is one of the most important skill you can have.

“knowledge is power, but keep learning is stamina”

Master the Basics

“If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough”

Figuare Out Your Own Style of Learning

Everyone learns differently. There are many ways we can learn. First you need to try differnt ways and find out suits you the best. Finding out you way of learning make it effective and stimulates the learning process.

Use Text, Image and Video

The way our brain works makes image and video more effective over text only. Therefore make sure that the learning materials contains combination of text and image/video. Reading text keeps you involved in the context while image/video helps to memorize easily and effectively.

Stimulate Your Brain While Learning

Stimulation can help learning quickly. I figured out that walking while I am reading a book makes my learning process effective and quick. Try different ways to see which method works for you. When we are learning, our brain burns more calories and therefore eating sweets (I knwo suger is bad) might help.

Practice and Write

Practicing while learning helps to master any skill. Without practicing, you will forget most of thigs quickly. Write what you learn. Writings will help fast recall after forgetting. Writing also expresses your view of the topic.

Revise and repeat

After writing down what you learned, you should revise and reflect on it. Then make your writings better - in this way you will be able to embed the exract of the topic into your brain. Repeat studying and practing the same topic more than once - it reenforces the learning process and therefore makes it more effective.

Proper sleeping

When we sleep, learned information relocates from short-term memory to permanent memory. Proper sleep after learning help to retrain the knowledge. Do not sleep more - just sleep enough to be clean headed.