Author : MD TAREQ HASSAN | Updated : 2021/05/25

AKS Deployment Center

AKS has deployment center from where you can Launch a docker app to Azure kubernetes cluster in a few quick steps. Deployment center lets you configure a DevOps pipeline to deploy your application updates to this kubernetes cluster

AKS deployment center


Docker For Local Run

Docker is needed because before pushing to DevOps repository, we need to make sure that the application is running locally as Docker container.

Container Orchestrator Support

Scaffolding new project

Adding ‘Container Orchestrator Support’ to existing project

Prepare DevOps Repository

Creating Deployment

Creating Deployment In Deployment Center Step 1

Resources Created By DevOps Pipeline

Exploring CI Pipeline

Exploring CI Pipeline Step 1

Exploring CD Pipeline

Exploring CD Pipeline Step 1

things learnd from trial and error in DevOps pipeline

Deployment from AKS deployment center