Technical Architect at HCL JAPAN LTD.

東京都 北区 赤羽南 1-16-1-702

DOB: 1990/12/31

Career Profile

Hands-on experience on architecting and implementing solutions in Azure cloud and Azure DevOps. As a professional cloud specialist and constant learner, I endeavor to keep up with the latest technology trends. Total 8+ years of experience including Azure Cloud, Azure DevOps and developing microservice/distributed client-server applications. Interested to work in a professionally managed company with responsibility and challenges where I can use my knowledge and skills to provide quality solutions while enhancing my own skills with job satisfaction and scope for personal development and growth.

Training and Certification

  • Pluralsight training on AZ-303 (Azure Architect Technologies)
  • HCL training on Azure DevOps
  • Infosys training on Azure Cloud
  • Preparing for Microsoft certification exams: AZ-305



  • Cloud: Azure (hands-on experience)
  • DevOps: Kubernetes (AKS), Azure DevOps
  • Infrastructure-as-code (IaC): Pulumi, Azure PowerShell
  • Programming Language: C# (expert), Swift (intermediate), JavaScript (basic), Python (basic), Java (basic)
  • Framework: ASP.Net Core, Entity Framework Core, WPF, Xamarin.Forms, Prism MVVM, Pulumi
  • Database: Azure SQL (Managed Instance, SQL Database), Azure Database for MySQL, MongoDB
  • Spoken Language: English (fluent), Japanese (N3 passed, 日常会話), Bengali (native), Urdu/Hindi (basic)

Professional Experience

Role Company Name Year Duraion
Technical Architect HCL JAPAN LTD. April'2022 ~ Current calculate
Technology Lead Infosys Japan Ltd. April'2020 ~ April'2022 2.1 Years
Application Developer SY SYSTEM February'2016 ~ April'2020 4.3 Years
Freelance Developer March'2012 ~ December'2015 3.10 years


》 Cloud Architect 【HCL JAPAN LTD.】: Digital transformation of vending system for a leading bottler company (Apr'2022 ~ Present)
  • Non-functional requirements (NFR) gathering for cloud infrastructures
  • Creating technical architecture based on NFRs and RFP document
  • Designing network topology
  • Creating infrastructure design document (基本設計書)
  • Connecting on-premise infrastructures and other cloud datacenters to Azure Virtual Network using site-to-site VPN and Azure ExpressRoute
  • Orchestrating containerized workload using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
  • Creating and implementing DevOps solution in Azure DevOps
  • Used technologies: AKS, Application Gateway, API Gateway, Event Hub, Azure Service Bus, Azure SQL Database, Storage Account, ACR, KeyVault
》 Azure Solution Architect 【Infosys】: Next generation dispensing system for a leading pharmacy company (Nov'2020 ~ Mar'2022)
  • Assessing existing software estate
  • Planning cloud migration strategy based on Microsoft Cloud Adoption Framework for Azure
  • Architecting cloud native solution according to Azure Well-Architected Framework
  • Migrating on-premises infrastructures to Azure Cloud
  • Designing Hub-Spoke network topology and creating hybrid network using Azure ExpressRoute to allow secured private connection to on-premises datacenters
  • Creating disaster recovery plan based on RPO & RTO to ensure robust Business Continuity
  • Implementing solution as "Infrastructure-as-code" using C# and Pulumi framework
  • Orchestrating containerized workload using Azure Kubernetes Services (AKS)
  • Eliminating on-premises print servers using Azure Universal Print
  • Creating CI/CD pipelines in Azure DevOps
  • Used technologies: AKS, Application Gateway, Network Gateway, ExpressRoute, Firewall, Azure SQL, Storage Account, ACR, KeyVault
》 Azure Developer 【Infosys】: Device procurement system for a medical device vendor (Apr'2020 ~ Oct'2020)
  • Hosting application workload in Azure App Service
  • Implementing Authentication & Authorization (OpenID Connect) using Microsoft Identity Platform (formerly Azure AD for developers)
  • Integrating App Service Easy Auth
  • Creating custom middleware to populate user data for enforing Access Control List
  • Used technologies: Azure App Service, Blazor, Azure AD, OpenID Connect, Microsoft Identity Platform
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: GPS Mimamori client application for a telecommunication service provider (Dec'2019 ~ Mar'2020)
  • Encoding and decoding self-delimited Opus audio using libopus C library
  • Implementing Google map features (Routes, Markers, Camera etc.) using Google Map iOS SDK
  • Implementing voice messaging using MessageKit
  • Creating custom components
  • Used technologies: Google Map iOS SDK, libopus C library, Firebase iOS SDK, MessageKit
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: Mailcenter application for a telecommunication service provider (May'2019 ~ Nov'2019)
  • Developing microservices and web applications
  • Implementing Authentication and Authorization
  • Writing ORM queries in the data access layer
  • Integration testing of data repositories
  • Unit testing
  • Used technologies: ASP.Net MVC, Entity Framework, xUnit, Java EE, Arquillian, TestNG, Lombok
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: In-house Two Choice XF Xamarin.Forms App (Feb'2019 ~ Apr'2019)
  • Architecting and developing a cross-platform mobile app using Xamarin.Forms
  • Implementing MVVM pattern using Prism.Forms
  • Unit Testing using XUnit
  • Structured Logging using Serilog
  • Automated testing using AutoFixer and AutoMoq
  • Used technologies: Xamarin.Forms, Prism.Forms, Visual Studio, XUnit, Serilog, AutoFixture, AutoMoq
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: In-house WPF desktop application (Dec'2018 ~ Jan'2019)
  • Implementing MVVM Using Prism Framework
  • Consuming Google Map Geo-coding API
  • Reading and analyzing company profiles to extract address
  • Fetching map co-ordinate (Lat, Long) from company address
  • Exporting company profile details to CSV file
  • Structured Logging
  • Unit Testing
  • Used technologies: WPF, Visual Studio, RestSharp, Newtonsoft.Json, Serilog, XUnit, Google Map API, CsvHelper
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: CCPS API Service for a telecommunication service provider (Jul'2018 ~ Nov'2018)
  • Developing microservice
  • Consuming blockchain API
  • Implementing Authentication and authorization
  • Creating repository layer for accessing database
  • Logging
  • Unit testing
  • Used technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Security, MongoDB, Retrofit, LogBack, Jackson, JUnit, Lombok
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: CCPS Web App for a telecommunication service provider (Jan'2018 ~ Jun'2018)
  • Developing Web Application
  • Designing frontend using Bootstrap
  • Creating Graphs using C3.js
  • Unit testing
  • Used technologies: Spring Boot, Thymeleaf, Nexus, Bootstrap, Lombok, Junit, LogBack
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: CCPS Wallet mobile client application for a telecommunication service provider (Apr'2017 ~ Dec'2017)
  • Developing mobile client application
  • Consuming wallet API from blockchain server
  • Implementing QR scan
  • Implementing login feature
  • Mocking API using Google Fusion table
  • Used technologies: Java, Android, Retrofit, GSON, OAuth 2.0, Google Fusion Table
》 Developer 【SY SYSTEM】: Order management system for a Café (Apr'2016 ~ Dec'2016)
  • Developing client application
  • Developing backend API service
  • Automated testing
  • Used technologies: Java, Android, Retrofit, GSON, Gradle, SVN, OAuth 2.0
》 Freelance Web Developer 【Upwork, formerly oDesk】: Developing web applications for American clients (2012 ~ 2015)
  • Developing MVC web applications
  • Helped clients to establish online business by developing SEO friendly e-commerce sites
  • Kept client’s business up and running by maintaining their systems
  • Used technologies: ASP.Net MVC, ASP.Net WebAPI, CSS, JavaScript, WordPress

Educational Background

Level Institution Year CGPA
BSc Engineering Khulna University Of Engineering & Technology (KUET) 2013 3.20 (out of 4)
HSC BAF Shaheen College Dhaka 2008 5.0 (out of 5.0)
SSC Boalia High School 2006 5.0 (out of 5.0)

Personal Details

  • Current Work Location: Tokyo, Japan
  • Visa: type: Engineer | validity: up to February'2024
  • Nationality: Bangladeshi
  • Religion: Islam (by birth)
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Hobby: Blogging (, Vlogging (, Computer Games, Collecting Gadgets