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Azure Solution Architect


To whom it may concern,

As a professional Azure specialist, I like to design and implement cloud solutions as "Infrastructure-as-Code". I am a constant learner and I endeavor to keep up with latest technology trends by learning things on demand and practicing implementation hands-on. Spent 5+ years developing distributed client-server applications and 2 years on working in Azure related projects.

After graduation, I started my career as a freelance web developer at upwork (formerly oDesk) and later joined to a Japanese company in 2016. Throughout the years, I worked with different technologies and gained skill and experience of solving real world problems that met client requirements.

Regarding skills, I can code in several programming languages - C# being the preferred one. I got experience of working in multiple frameworks - DotNet is the strongest one. I also try to gain knowledge and skill in emerging new technologies, for example WebSocket, realtime applications using SignalR etc.


My expertise on legacy modernization and migration of on-premise infrastructures to Azure cloud can be significant to implement digital transformation and cloud adaptation. I can contribute to understanding existing systems by asking the right questions. My experience of designing cloud solutions that are secured, performant, highly available and resilient could be a great help in architecting Cloud Native Solutions. My skillset in planning Disaster Recovery will ensure to achieve robust Business Continuity strategy. My knowledge in Azure services will save cost by selecting resources with appropriate configurations and settings.

Finally, I am interested to work in a professionally managed company with responsibility and challenge where I can use my knowledge and skills to provide quality solutions while enhancing my own skills with job satisfaction and scope for personal development and growth.

Kind regards,